What: We provide health care that will meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and community in a holistic manner.  A medical programme is run to provide: clinical services, promotion of health at community level and home based care. Gambians are trained in medical and nursing care. The spiritual aspect of health care is emphasised in all the projects.

Where: Our medical work is located in Chamen (Nianija) and in Sibanor (Foni).


  • Through inpatient and outpatient facilities.
  • Through the running of antenatal, mother and child clinics
  • Through operating an Anti-Retroviral Treatment centre
  • Through a nutrition centre
  • Through collaboration with government health facilities
  • Through home visits
  • Through raising awareness of HIV
  • Through training of nurses, nurse attendants, and home based care volunteers
  • Through regular in-service training for medical personnel
  • Through counselling, and praying with patients
  • Through involving the church in a visiting programme and home based care
  • Through the use of preaching tapes in local languages with patients
  • Through devotions with staff