What: In the past, we provided literacy programmes in order to fight illiteracy, ignorance and poverty.  Many people have learnt to read and write in their own language.

Where: The Jola literacy centre is located in Sibanor. The translation of the Jola New Testament has been published and is now being promoted among the Jola speaking peoples. This is at present being recorded so that non-literates can listen to the Word on CD. Translation work on the Old Testament will continue. The whole Bible in the Mandinka language is now complete and ready for publishing.


  • Through web sites for Mandinkas and Jolas
  • Through the initiative of local Christians to promote literature in their churches
  • Through a central point of display and promotion at headquarters and through co-operation with CLM book shop and others
  • Through recruitment of more personnel
  • Through co-operation with other organisations
  • Through literacy classes in one prison
  • Through Bible translation in Mandinka and Jola
  • Through reading material on health teaching, local history, collections of folk stories, proverbs and Christian teaching
  • Through co-operation with the Bible Society in Gambia and United Bible Society