Education and Youth

What: We provide training for young people, both formal and informal.We are continually looking at new ways of encouraging and empowering the youth of The Gambia.  We also provide sponsorship for young people to attend various educational establishments from pre-school to University level.

Where: In Nemakunku (Niumi) a self-supporting skills project has been set up and works well with local people. In Bwiam, a hostel to provide accommodation for students has been established. In Panchang (Upper Saloum) a small learning centre has been established. Teachers and lecturers are seconded to primary,secondary and tertiary educational facilities in the vicinity of our existing stations. In Welingara (Kombo) a hostel to provide accommodation for students has been built and has opened in september 2013. In Sibanor we partner with ECG to run a Christian pre school. In Brikama, we have seconded a mathematics professor to the University of The Gambia.


  • Through formal and non-formal skill training
  • Through establishing learning centres
  • Through seconding teachers / lecturers to schools and tertiary educational facilities
  • Through personal initiatives of WEC personnel eg. homework help, youth groups, mentoring etc.
  • Through co-ordinated efforts in partnership with ECG
  • Through partnering with ECG in youth hostels and through training of staff.